Chances are you have watched an Avengers movie and you have taken interest in some character somewhere with some crazy accurate bow technique or even probably you are interested in hunting or archery in general. There are a lot of bows out there with improving modern design but based on the same principle. And though it might look relatively easy to use one, archery is a skill that must be developed in long hours of training and mastery.

The bow is preferred to other hunting weapons for many different reasons ranging from stealth to the psychology of ancient hunting feel. Nevertheless most people might not have the time required to get their archery to the level they want to. Well thanks to technology, there are tons of technology to improve your experience whether you are a beginner or pro. One of these is the bow sight

Example of a multi-pin bow sight

Bow sight

This is a gadget that is mounted on the riser of the bow that encourages you to better aiming. Much like the bead at the finish of a shotgun barrel, the bow locate essentially helps tell you where your shot is pointed.

In spite of the fact that it is conceivable to shoot your bow without a sight, doing so is exceptionally troublesome, particularly at longer separations. In that capacity, essentially all cutting edge compound bows are furnished with some sort of sight. Utilized in combination with a peep-sight and a quality bolt rest, even learner bowmen can be shockingly exact.

Fixed-Pin Sights

This is the most widely recognized sort of sight, what’s more, the prevalent selection of hunters. A fixed-pin ordinarily has 3 to 5 individual pins, which can each be set for a specific known separation. The top pin is for the nearest separate, the lower pins are for longer separations. When set, the pins are fixed and stay “fixed” in position amid use. Setting up and altering a fixed-pin sight is really straightforward, however it requires some preliminary testing. What’s more, for those shooters who take their time, and set each stick perfectly, the fixed-pin sight yields magnificent outcomes – as they’re entirely solid and simple to-use in the field

Movable-Pin Sights

Using movable bow sight for accuracy

This is somewhat extraordinary. As opposed to have numerous pre-set pins, a movable pin locate more often than not has a solitary stick, which is balanced before each shot. The movable stick locate has an arrangement of sections, switches, or worm outfits that easily slide the whole sight lodging all over, so the stick can be balanced for any separation in only a couple of moments. At the back of the sight section, a little customizable pointer demonstrates the yardage along a graduated scale or arrangement of high quality stamps on white tape. Each imprint speaks to a known yardage.

Target Competition Sights

A Target Sight is a claim to fame locate which is intended for use in rivalry. Because of the size, cost, and multifaceted nature of these sights, they are once in a while utilized for chasing – yet they are seemingly the most precise sights accessible. This Sight is basically an extravagant Movable Pin Sight with a modern arrangement height click-alterations. Target sights are bigger as well, as a rule mounting 6-12″ forward of the bow’s riser by means of a speedy disengage dovetail framework.

Gang, micro adjustments

A Gang change enables you to move every one of the pins without a moment’s delay. Posse changes can be for height or windage. Pack changes by and large are made by slackening a screw and sliding the sight lodging to another position. A few sights have a smaller scale change highlight, as a rule a straightforward apparatus that drives the movement of the lodging by means of a modification handle. Rather than sliding the sight lodging, you just turn the handle or screw.

Miniaturized scale change sights are exact and simple to work with. Gang change is especially convenient for calibrating a setup. Since most shooters by and large don’t change the separations for which their pins are set, it’s advantageous to have the option to modify the whole arrangement of pins up or down, or left or just in the wake of making changes to a rest or while altering for broad head flight.

Looking At Gun Cabinets And Their Designs

If you’re an avid firearm collector chances are you’ll need somewhere safe to store them. Your trusted duffle bag might have done the job just fine for the last 30-odd years but in terms of safety – it’s time to upgrade. This is where gun cabinet designs come in, as you’ll most likely want a cabinet that’s not only safe but also stylish, similar to a sort of showcase. There are many types of designs to choose from but the number one priority here is to focus on safety and that means keeping it out of the hands of kids and minors. One main feature of many gun cabinet designs a built in safe or at least the ability to store one which would house all your bullets.

Custom Designed


Due to the fact that this isn’t your normal everyday cabinet, this will require a specialized approach as well a checklist to be made to make sure you have a good balance between safety and stylish designs. Most common choices of gun cabinet designs are based on wood and glass etching, perfect compliment for your rifles which also have wooden fixtures. The first steps to follow would be the following which are of utmost importance:

  • What firearms and guns do you own and how many?
  • How much space will you need?
  • Will you be needing locks for securing your firearms and guns?
  • How many compartments are necessary? Do you need to store bullets and any other accessories that go together with your collection like cleaning materials
  • Do you want Glass Etching designs like scenery to compliment the cabinet overall?
  • What type of woods would suit your firearms; cherry, dark oak, walnut or just plain oak
  • Do you want electric light fixtures built into the gun cabinet design?

Attention To Detail

If you hire a contractor or company to design your gun cabinet they need to know specific dimensions so be sure to let them know how much space you need and how many firearms you have. This process is slightly similar to custom home closet designs in where there’s more attention paid to detail in the overall layout. If you have extra accessories you might want to consider drawers to store them in as this will give the cabinets an organized un-cluttered feel. When it comes to the glass you might want to look into glass etching as this will truly give it that unique authentic look and if your gun cabinet is going to be somewhere like the lounge or study then you’ll want it to compliment the room too. Consider glass etching designs like scenery of forests or jungles with animals. Depending on whether you hunt or not you choices here are abundant, choose from deer to buck, bears or even tigers, I think you get the idea.


Of the many different kinds of designs the best and most common are usually wall mounted wood or glass cabinets. These are practical and very efficient so you might want to consider some interesting wood carvings to spruce it up after all you want your gun cabinet designs to look stunning for many years to come.

The Art Of Video Game Designing

For sketch artists, the world is their oyster. They have a wide range of career paths they can journey onto, all depending on their particular interests. These artists can venture into any line of art or design involving sketching and make their mark in society. One great example of such a venture is video game designing, where you are a sketch artist creating characters and scenes for the video game itself.

About Video Game Design


If you are interested in becoming a video game designer, you have quite a few options. There are several game design jobs within the video game industry that all combine to make it possible for the ever popular video games to be released. Most video game companies employ teams of people to work together to design video games. This team approach leads to having several points of view to provide consumers with the best games possible, and also leads to a lot of game design brainstorming session. These brainstorming sessions turn into game design trends, spawning entire lines of games within each genre.

The different members of a design team each have a specific job in the scheme of designing a new video game, and each member’s job is vital to producing a good video game. There are so many levels and aspects to a video game that it is virtually impossible for one person to produce a full video game on their own.

Some of the valuable positions on a video game design team and thus game design jobs are:

  • Concept And Storyboard Artists – These team members provide sketches and paintings of characters, levels, vehicles and other elements to create an early feel for the game.
  • Character Artists And Animators – Using 3D animation programs the character artists produce the characters and objects that make up the video game. This forms part of video game art design.
  • Level Designers – A level designer is given a section of the game to create the environment for the player. This is a very important part of making sure that the game has the feel that the design team intends.
  • Texture Artists – Mapping textures onto 3D objects, and backgrounds, is the job for these artists. Placing skins on levels and characters to create a convincing and realistic video game is a very important part of the game design. Whether you’re creating something simple like a clear backpack, or more intricate like a landscape – both need to have the right texture applied to make it come to life.
  • Programmers – Essentially programmers make the game run. This includes working on the game engine and artificial intelligence. Most game programming is in a language called C++.
  • Interface Designers – Creating buttons, menus and display elements within the game are the responsibility of the interface designers.
  • Audio – Audio design may require a team of people as well since the audio in a game includes all sound effect, voices and music. This is a big job and a vital part of video game design success. Audio design involves not just audio but also gaming code language.
  • Professional Testers – How about a career playing the newest games. While it sounds like fun to sit around and play video games all day, professional testers are hired to find glitches and potential problems with new games and work long hours to fulfill their job requirements.

download (1)

A video game designer’s salary depends upon not only their education level, and experience but also what role they play on the design team. Along with all of these different positions are also many different salaries within the video game design business. From hourly employees to salaried employees and contract employees there are many different income levels. Becoming a video game designer can be a very financially rewarding career choice. There are many options when it comes to game design jobs, and if you are interested in the genre you are sure to find a job that suits you. Sketch artist will have the chance to deal with different types of art as well as build other skills involving the business. It is a great opportunity to do what you love, being great at it while working and having fun all around.

Aspects Of Video Game Design

There are many different aspects to video game design. This includes not only the artwork, animation and characters of a game, but also audio, production and the type of system a game can be played on. With this many aspects you can see why having a whole team of video game designers is imperative to creating a successful game.

The Different Experts In The Industry

The team that designs and produces video games is made up of many people who are experts at what they do. There are artists, programmers, animators, renderers, graphic developers, and video game testers. There are people who handle the video game sound design which includes narrative and sound effects, background music and voices. Game testers look for programming glitches and bugs. These bugs and problems are handled by tweaking the C++ programming language, adjusting the 3D rendering, adjusting character placement and affixing sound effects to triggers.

Game Requirements

The goal of a PC video game is to create a fully functioning action and detail filled animated challenge that will play on a wide variety of systems and computer hardware configurations. Finding out what the computer hardware requirements are for a game that is in production is the responsibility of the programmers. The same goes for video games that are created for gaming consoles, the programming is different for each one and the programmers are dedicated to making sure that each game runs perfectly on each platform.


Video Game Design Classes

Nearly everyone on a game design team would benefit from video game design classes. These classes teach not just the art and animation process of game design but also the programming language that is used in video games and all aspects of the production process. Before attempting to get hired by a video game company it is important to develop your skills and obtain an education, from video game design schools, in order to land your dream job. Dreamers are a dime a dozen, but skilled video game designers are a benefit for which video game companies are willing to pay a more than decent wage.

The Time Frame Of Production

While one person may come up with the idea for a video game, it takes several people to make producing a successful game a reality. Each person has a job and they do their job completely before passing it on to the next person on the team. Game development can take several years before a game is even ready to be tested. The idea is to produce a game that is glitch and bug free, and ready to be played upon release. Each member of the video game design team is a valuable part of each game that is released.

All aspects of video game design from animation to testing games are important steps that contribute to the full game. The next time you play a video game and love the action or the graphics take a few minutes to think about how many people were involved in the creation process. The next time you complete a game, take some time to watch the credits. You will be amazed at the number of people that were involved in creating the game.

How to Take Care of Your Back

X-ray Anatomy on White
I recently developed some back pain and spinal issues due to sitting properly at my desk while sketching. I spend hours in my studio and have often felt somewhat strained after a day or two or crunching away at drawings but this time it really put me in a lot of pain. I went to a chiropractor who basically told me I needed to stretch my back – and to do so she recommended I try inversion therapy. I went out and bought myself a pretty basic inversion table. It’s been 2 weeks now and the results (for me anyways) is short of miraculous!

Inversion therapy has been practiced cross-culturally for centuries with its origins being traced back to Hippocrates. Many people are interested in its benefits as well as how to use an inversion table. By using the force of gravity to decompress the spinal column and relieve pressure on the discs and nerve roots, you can use inversion therapy to relieve back ailments and allow the discs to reabsorb lost moisture, revert to their original shape, and decrease the pressure being exerted on the nerve roots. Here are some tips for using inversion tables

How to start out

If you are just starting out, it is best to begin with a shallow inversion at 15 degrees for one to two minutes for inversion table safety. This should help you get used to the effects of gravity-assisted blood flow and a gentle stretching of your muscles and spine. Do this once or twice daily for a week to get used to this form of therapy. If you ever start feeling too uncomfortable, set yourself upright. As you progress and start feeling acclimated to the exercise you can go on to steeper inclinations at 20 to 30 degrees.

Once you are comfortable with the inversion table you can progress to 60 degrees at five to ten minutes a day. At this inclination you will feel more of the beneficial effects of gravity-assisted stretching as the discs in the spinal column are decompressed. You can improve the effects of inversion by performing basic exercises such as rotating the neck to stretch and relieve neck pain, as well as rock side to side or back and forth on the pelvis to further stretch and decompress the spine.

Athletes, or at least those looking to maximize the benefits of inversion therapy, can perform more rigorous exercises such as sit-ups, back extensions and even reverse squats. This allows you to stretch and exercise large muscle groups without loading up on your spine and add variety to your daily workout routine. Performing conventional exercises on an inversion table allows muscles to work in a manner that they are unaccustomed to by changing the way that gravity acts as a natural resistance.

Some words of caution

Remember the following advice to prevent inversion table dangers. Use any safety straps or clamps provided to prevent from slipping of the table while performing exercises. Have a spotter on hand when performing exercises at steeper inclinations to further prevent risk of injury. Pregnant women, those who have spinal problems, and those with high blood pressure, glaucoma, cerebral sclerosis and other spinal or circulatory ailments should not practice inversion therapy or at least consult with a physician before doing so.

Are inversion tables safe?

Just like with any other piece of fitness equipment there will be a few associated risks. But if you know how to use and inversion table you will be fine. It is important to remember that inversion tables have been designed to promote safer and easier inversion therapy exercises. You should also be responsible in purchasing an inversion table as not all models are made alike. You should check out each individual unit to have a proper feel for its build quality, weight capacity, range of inversion angles available, as well as the warranty itself in case of any problems after purchase. Read up on any inversion table reviews as well. A great model to look at is the Life Gear Inversion Table or the Teeter Inversion Table with full functionality to get you started as well as the durability and build quality to make sure it lasts.

Of course, the best cure is prevention so I seriously recommend you make the effort to evaluate the ergonomics of your studio. Chronic back pain is not something you want to end up with and it can easily be prevented by setting yourself up ina good chair, with a good posture and getting up regularly to stretch your back and do some light exercise.

The Gift of Art

There is a little bit of art in everything. Look around you and try to look from an artist’s eye. You would find that a lot of innovation has gone into creating the things around you. Visualization and conceptualization are the heart and soul of an artist. Ideas come from the strangest of places. Some artists derive an idea from a walk in the park and some find their muse while looking at their kids practice on their balance bikes.

The world of art is extremely huge and if you look at it, everything from the big bang till date has been a perfect work of art. All great designs are a part of art and with the current generation wising up to the importance of good product designs, art is more clearly visible than ever before. If you take up any product around you, say a balance bike and dig into the history of the best balance bikes here, you would find that even these bikes have evolved into beautifully designed bikes today, which is a result of visualization and conceptualization.

Different forms of art have also evolved to generate better results. Photography has evolved into an art wherein capturing the finest details has become relatively simple and if you have a photographer’s eye, you can do wonders with your DSLR. Painters and writers have given this world a base to build on. It is from the great works of Picasso and Shakespeare that a lot of people device their inspiration and keep trying to do better.

There is design in everything around us and a good design stems out from a good thought. If you can think like an artist, you can not just do wonders on a canvas but can use your artistic abilities in fields like mathematics and physics as well. Creativity is an important ingredient of an artistic design and if you are a creative person there is no limit to the kind of success you can achieve in your field.

The world began with art and science and both these entities have always gone hand in hand with each other. Every new chapter in the history of our universe has connected art and science to each other. If you can tap your imagination to see beyond what you eyes make you see and then put your thoughts down on paper in whatever form you can, you are an artist at heart. If you are an artist by heart, make sure that you dedicate your life to art and only then would you be at peace with yourself.

Hot And Cold, How It Works

Being part of a product developer team, I get to sketch out the process of a product and exactly how it works. An example would be how air conditioners work. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds as there are a lot of detail that you cannot afford to miss and the process is quite complicated. Product development means attention to detail. Missing just one piece of the puzzle and the whole thing will be faulty.

How Split System Air Conditioning Works

Split system air conditioning is one of the modern inventions that we seem to really take for granted. Whenever the temperature outside starts to go up, we immediately flip on the switch without even taking into consideration how it actually works. Even though we often think that these machines cool down our homes simply by pumping cool air into them, it is actually much more complicated than that. Actually the hot air is removed from the house and then fed through the system where it is turned into cool air. This process goes on and on until your home has reached the temperature you have set on your thermostat.


The Process

The split air conditioning unit, when compared to smaller ductless systems such as window units, is much larger and more complex.

  • It basically works by splitting the cold air from the warm within the system.
  • The cold side of these units contains the cold coil and the expansion valve and is usually placed within a furnace or air handler.
  • The cold air is then blown through the coil by the air handler and then throughout the entire house or building by a series of ducts.
  • The hot side of the system, also known as the condensing unit, is located entirely on the outside of the building.
  • One of the primary parts of the split system is the spiral coil which is quite long and shaped like a cylinder.
  • A fan is located within that blows air through the coil and a compressor that is resistant to the weather.
  • This has become the favored approach largely due to its highly affordable cost and the reduced amount of noise emitted from the machine.

Interestingly enough, besides the fact that the split air conditioning unit uses ducts and separates the hot air from the cool, there is no significant difference between it and the ductless window mounted units. These systems can also be installed in large buildings such as malls, factories, and office buildings where they are typically installed on the roof and can be quite massive. However, when buildings are particularly large these options can be problematic, in which case a chilled water system is the approach of choice.

Choosing Different Brands And Models

When you are in the market for a split air conditioning system, you will find that there are many different brands and models to choose form. You may also have to find a reliable contractor as well to install the system if you do not have any experience in this area. While at it, you may want to consider installing a centrifugal extractor ventilator as well. In order to whittle down the choices you have, it is a good idea to do some searching online for consumer reviews written by people just like you. This is an easy way to find the top rated systems out there without relying on the possibly biased opinion of a salesperson.


How the Heat Recovery Ventilator Works

A heat recovery ventilator is often installed in new homes as a way to evacuate stale, polluted air and bring in fresh air from the outdoors. A residential model will typically be designed to use two separate blowers, one to handle the fresh air and the other for the stale. It also features a heat exchange core which transfers the heat to fresh air without having to mix the airstreams. Lastly, there is a damper which is installed to automatically stop the cold air from defrosting. This article will briefly explain how these simple yet highly effective machines work.

Homes And Their Fresh Air

So, first of all, what brought on the need for the heat recovery ventilator? In the past, homes were not built that tight; you’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘drafty old house’ before. This made it very easy for cold air to get in. So, you have to turn up the thermostat to keep it warm during the winter months, hoping that the heatpump will last. The only problem here is that it can get very expensive and during the last 2 or 3 decades heating bills have skyrocketed. So in order to make homes more energy efficient they have been built much more securely with tight doors and windows and plenty of insulation. But now there is the problem of homes being so tight that they are sealing off the fresh air.


Looking At The Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • The heat recovery ventilator works in a similar fashion to the balanced ventilation system.
  • The only difference is that it uses the heat in the outgoing air to warm up the fresh air that is coming in.
  • They usually consist of a pair of fans with one being devoted to evacuating the old air and the other to bringing in the new.
  • There are several different passages inside of these machines which control the flow of the incoming and outgoing air.
  • The warmth from the old air is transferred to the new even though the two streams of air never actually touch.

Winter And Summer

These units work both in the summer and winter months. In the former they can be set to transfer the heat of the incoming air to the stale exhaust air that is being evacuated. While in the winter months they can really help to keep the heat inside of your home. However, one of the downsides is that the cold air can build up within the unit if the temperature goes down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily these units are outfitted with a damper that routes warm air into the core to defrost it.

The heat recovery ventilator is an excellent addition to practically any home, and is essential to maintaining a healthy climate indoors. Even though some may think installing one would make a good DIY project, the truth of the matter is that this is a job that is better left in the hands of a professional.


Using Your Sketching Skills To Design Your Own Home

Being able to sketch something from scratch without having any assistance or aids to help you, is what art is all about. When someone asks you to sketch something, you see it in your mind and you immediately want to put it on paper. But as time goes by and technology improves dramatically, sketching using technology becomes an everyday occurrence and is not anything out of the ordinary to sketch on a computer for instance.


Sketching On A Computer

One example is when you want to design something like your home on a computer. There are many ways to get your home designed, and there are also many ways to get your home designed professionally. It might not be tat easy to design your own home, but as long as whatever you design goes through a certified architect, everything will turn out great.

Having The Right Knowledge

When designing your home, make sure that you have the necessary knowledge to do so. Because it must get certified through a professional architect, you do not want most of your design to get shot down or scrapped by the professionals when they get there. Make sure that your design will be up to standard and done correctly so they can help you.

Certificate Programs

You want to build a safe house for your family, so you may want to go through an interior design certificate program. You need to know the widths of outside walls and inside walls, where windows can be placed and where they cannot be placed and what you need to use as a ceiling surface to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are a lot of things that you need to learn, but there are help programs to help you get going with your design.

Finding The Right Software


Find designing software or a website that offers you the ability to do start designing you home. There are quite a number of different websites out there, allowing you free software where you can start designing and print your design out on paper when you are done, at no charge. Do a little research first to see which designing software will work best for your project and then go from there.

Understand And Know What To Do

Some of the tools that you will find will allow you to set measurements to your walls, the size of the rooms you are creating and even the height of the walls of your home and the size of your windows. This is where the necessary knowledge of designing a home come in so you can set those measurements. There is no point in starting your design, spending all your time with it, just to get “scrapped” in the end because you did not know what you were doing.

Even thought sketching on paper is the better way to go in most artist’s opinions, designing your home on a computer can be much easier, especially for someone that aren’t that artistic or cannot sketch according to scale. It allows basically anyone to be able to design their own home which makes it a great thing. It all depends on what you prefer; paper or technology.

Transforming Your Basement Into An Art Studio

As a sketch artist, I love traveling around the world, sketching different scenes, people, products etc. The greatest thing about traveling, is to feel your surroundings, even smelling them and taking in the culture and essence of where you are at that point in time and then putting it down on paper. Once you return home, you can look at your sketch, and remember what everything felt like. Because traveling is quite expensive and I still need to learn a lot when it comes to skill, I have decided to stay at home for a while and take in my own surroundings.

Building A Studio

6a00d83451ded769e201116884dcfc970c-320wiBecause of my traveling, I never actually gave attention to building or creating my own studio. As I looked at my house, I could see that there was no room for the studio I had in mind. That is when it hit me, why not remodel my basement. It never gets used as I only store my art supplies there, so what better space to use than my basement for my art studio. I then started doing some research and quickly came up with the most amazing studio ideas. There was one thing that I wasn’t too sure about though, and that was which flooring to use in the basement/studio. Seeing as it was just raw concrete, what would be inexpensive but perfect for a studio. Obviously it should be something that can clean easily seeing as it is an art studio and who knows what art I would be doing in there in the future. So I decided on floor paint.

Choosing Floor Paint For Your Basement

Choosing the right floor paint may seem like a very simple, unimportant decision. However, there are many things to take into consideration when making your selection. You will generally be dealing with concrete, which can be a rather depressing thing to look at. You will be quite amazed at how this can really transform the area into a space you want to spend as much time in as possible, in my case, my studio. Painting can be highly therapeutic, and one of the most enjoyable DIY tasks to attempt. The importance of color is absolutely vital in taking a mediocre room into the realm of the extraordinary. Think very carefully about the color that you think will suit the intended purpose of the room. If it is going to be used as your children’s play area, home theathre, for example, opting for bold bright colors will be a fun choice. You can also get highly creative with patterns, transforming it into a unique piece of art that will make you feel fulfilled and satisfied. If you are going to be using the space as a place of meditation and relaxation, it may be a good idea to combine white and green, as these colors help to bring the mind to a state of tranquillity. Whatever choice you make, putting a bit of thought into your floor paint will be time well spent.

Waterproofing Before Painting

Before getting going on this task, there are important things that you have to consider. The first of these is to ensure that there is no water seeping through the ground. This can not only damage all your hard work, but can bring with it mould and mildew. This can bring about musty, unpleasant smells, so no matter how beautiful your painting looks, it will be difficult to enjoy. Also, it can put your family at risk, in terms of bringing with it horrible diseases. There are different methods to waterproofing basements. Research and then find the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Preparing The Floor For Painting

Once you are happy that there is no moisture seeping through, it is time to prepare the surface for the next phase. This generally involves a cleaning process, to make sure there is nothing sticky or messy in the way. Once you have cleaned, make sure that you allow enough time for the floor to dry. When you begin the painting part of the process, make sure that lay down a coat of primer. When you get to the final coat, it is a good idea to use a product with a satin finish as this will make it more resistant to dirt and horrible stains. That way, it will maintain its perfect just-painted look for longer, and you will not have to get down on your knees for a while.

This can be an incredibly rewarding DIY task that you will be reminded of whenever you look to the ground. If you make the correct floor paint choice, you will find that the entire room seems brighter, more vibrant and will give you that extra bit of inspiration to sketch a master piece.

Choosing The Best Online Art School

Whether you are a sketch artist who doodles every now and then, or you are a sketch artist wanting to make it your career, online art schools can help you do the necessary courses to further your skills.

Research The Institution


One is able to get an art school that provides various courses to students who want to practice art as a profession by getting an art education degree. Though the majority of them offer courses that are relevant, informative and up to date with the current market trends, some of these design art schools offer content that is either out dated or not relevant to the chosen area of study, so you have to do the necessary research on these institutions. Some however are very well designed with high navigational speeds and provide the student with as much information as possible. Thus, if you want to access high quality courses, you need to pay close attention to the art school prior to enrolling.

Choose A Reputable Website And Institution

There are some guidelines that are important and must be adhered to when short listing your art instruction schools that you may attend. One of the most important factors is their content. Where as some art schools offer various courses in many fields such as drawing, graphic design, painting, animation among others, some design art schools specialize in a single specific area. Before enrolling, you need to ask yourself if the courses provided are really available on their website or were they just an advertising gimmick. There are some sites that advertise free courses when one registers with them, but afterward they end up charging for them. Such sites should be avoided since there is no way of ensuring if any of their advertisements are true.

Understanding The Courses Offered

One other factor to consider when deciding on an online art school is the format used in presenting the online courses. You need to consider if the course information is presented in a well organized and easy to follow manner. There are plenty of online sites that provide lots of information that is difficult for the student to understand and this has the effect of confusing the student on what to do next. Students need to understand and grasp what is being taught in one level before going on to the next. Failure of the online course to do this only makes the student ill prepared for the course when it comes to the final test.

Art is typically all about graphics or pictures. When deciding on an art school online to enroll in, you need to pay close attention to the images or graphics that are available with the course. The online program should be able to provide illustrations in addition to textual information so as to fully prepare the student for practical work. One other thing that needs to be considered is the mode of instructions available on the site. There are some online teaching sites that only use computer programs to offer instructions to students. What happens when you need a specific clarification on something? A good and effective online art school should have features that allow students to interact with real instructors either through email or via video conferencing. This will enable students to get up to date assessment on their progress and be given ways of improving their performance.

Drawing Your Favorite Foods

Drawing Your Favorite Foods

If you like to draw, then you may want to consider drawing some of your favorite foods.  It can actually benefit you in a variety of different ways.  You will find it to be fun and exciting, but new research has shown that drawing foods can actually help to put you into a better mood.  You don’t believe it?  You might just want to try it for yourself.  Studies have been conducted, and it has research to back it up, so it may be time that you put your artistic skills to good use.  Even if you aren’t artistic, you may still have fun even if the end product doesn’t look too great!

Bring Up the Thought of Good Food Rather than Consuming the Calories

When you are drawing your favorite foods, you can look at the drawing afterwards and bring up the thought of having your favorite dish.  It can usually brighten your mood and help you to get past eating due to stress.  If you can simply look at a picture of your favorite food that you have drawn, you will be able to get the feel of the food without the calories.  It really is a win-win situation.

Suppress Your Hunger

Some research has even indicated that drawing your favorite foods can actually suppress your hunger.  If you find that you eat more often that you should, or you tend to overeat in one setting, then you may want to give this exercise a try.  It may prove to do much more than just boost your mood, but rather suppress that hunger so that you can stick to your weight loss goals.

How to Get Started

So, if you are ready to start drawing your favorite foods- here’s how to get started.  You will first want to start out by getting a sketch pad and some quality colored pencils.  If you are an artist, and enjoy drawing, then you may already have these things on hand.  However, if you don’t have them you can get them at your local arts and crafts store.  Just be sure to consider their quality.

One thing we like to do is to cook the food to get it prepped for the drawing.  We use a small Kitchenaid toaster oven around our art room that heats up most of our food for pictures.

You will then want to get a picture of your favorite food, and you can begin by drawing it by hand.  If you are just not artistic enough, you may even want to trace it.  Then, you will be able to use the colored pencils to fill in the spaces and make it look great.  The more appetizing you can make it look, the more effective it will be.

Does it Work?

While research says that it works, it may not work for everyone.  It is one of those things that you must simply try out before you can really say whether or not it will work for you.  It may seem outside the box, and far fetched even, but it is really worth giving it a shot.  If you haven’t really ever considered it, then it may be time you gave it a try.  It’s easy, and it might work for you.