The Art Of Video Game Designing

For sketch artists, the world is their oyster. They have a wide range of career paths they can journey onto, all depending on their particular interests. These artists can venture into any line of art or design involving sketching and make their mark in society. One great example of such a venture is video game designing, where you are a sketch artist creating characters and scenes for the video game itself.

About Video Game Design


If you are interested in becoming a video game designer, you have quite a few options. There are several game design jobs within the video game industry that all combine to make it possible for the ever popular video games to be released. Most video game companies employ teams of people to work together to design video games. This team approach leads to having several points of view to provide consumers with the best games possible, and also leads to a lot of game design brainstorming session. These brainstorming sessions turn into game design trends, spawning entire lines of games within each genre.

The different members of a design team each have a specific job in the scheme of designing a new video game, and each member’s job is vital to producing a good video game. There are so many levels and aspects to a video game that it is virtually impossible for one person to produce a full video game on their own.

Some of the valuable positions on a video game design team and thus game design jobs are:

  • Concept And Storyboard Artists – These team members provide sketches and paintings of characters, levels, vehicles and other elements to create an early feel for the game.
  • Character Artists And Animators – Using 3D animation programs the character artists produce the characters and objects that make up the video game. This forms part of video game art design.
  • Level Designers – A level designer is given a section of the game to create the environment for the player. This is a very important part of making sure that the game has the feel that the design team intends.
  • Texture Artists – Mapping textures onto 3D objects, and backgrounds, is the job for these artists. Placing skins on levels and characters to create a convincing and realistic video game is a very important part of the game design. Whether you’re creating something simple like a clear backpack, or more intricate like a landscape – both need to have the right texture applied to make it come to life.
  • Programmers – Essentially programmers make the game run. This includes working on the game engine and artificial intelligence. Most game programming is in a language called C++.
  • Interface Designers – Creating buttons, menus and display elements within the game are the responsibility of the interface designers.
  • Audio – Audio design may require a team of people as well since the audio in a game includes all sound effect, voices and music. This is a big job and a vital part of video game design success. Audio design involves not just audio but also gaming code language.
  • Professional Testers – How about a career playing the newest games. While it sounds like fun to sit around and play video games all day, professional testers are hired to find glitches and potential problems with new games and work long hours to fulfill their job requirements.

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A video game designer’s salary depends upon not only their education level, and experience but also what role they play on the design team. Along with all of these different positions are also many different salaries within the video game design business. From hourly employees to salaried employees and contract employees there are many different income levels. Becoming a video game designer can be a very financially rewarding career choice. There are many options when it comes to game design jobs, and if you are interested in the genre you are sure to find a job that suits you. Sketch artist will have the chance to deal with different types of art as well as build other skills involving the business. It is a great opportunity to do what you love, being great at it while working and having fun all around.

Aspects Of Video Game Design

There are many different aspects to video game design. This includes not only the artwork, animation and characters of a game, but also audio, production and the type of system a game can be played on. With this many aspects you can see why having a whole team of video game designers is imperative to creating a successful game.

The Different Experts In The Industry

The team that designs and produces video games is made up of many people who are experts at what they do. There are artists, programmers, animators, renderers, graphic developers, and video game testers. There are people who handle the video game sound design which includes narrative and sound effects, background music and voices. Game testers look for programming glitches and bugs. These bugs and problems are handled by tweaking the C++ programming language, adjusting the 3D rendering, adjusting character placement and affixing sound effects to triggers.

Game Requirements

The goal of a PC video game is to create a fully functioning action and detail filled animated challenge that will play on a wide variety of systems and computer hardware configurations. Finding out what the computer hardware requirements are for a game that is in production is the responsibility of the programmers. The same goes for video games that are created for gaming consoles, the programming is different for each one and the programmers are dedicated to making sure that each game runs perfectly on each platform.


Video Game Design Classes

Nearly everyone on a game design team would benefit from video game design classes. These classes teach not just the art and animation process of game design but also the programming language that is used in video games and all aspects of the production process. Before attempting to get hired by a video game company it is important to develop your skills and obtain an education, from video game design schools, in order to land your dream job. Dreamers are a dime a dozen, but skilled video game designers are a benefit for which video game companies are willing to pay a more than decent wage.

The Time Frame Of Production

While one person may come up with the idea for a video game, it takes several people to make producing a successful game a reality. Each person has a job and they do their job completely before passing it on to the next person on the team. Game development can take several years before a game is even ready to be tested. The idea is to produce a game that is glitch and bug free, and ready to be played upon release. Each member of the video game design team is a valuable part of each game that is released.

All aspects of video game design from animation to testing games are important steps that contribute to the full game. The next time you play a video game and love the action or the graphics take a few minutes to think about how many people were involved in the creation process. The next time you complete a game, take some time to watch the credits. You will be amazed at the number of people that were involved in creating the game.