The Gift of Art

There is a little bit of art in everything. Look around you and try to look from an artist’s eye. You would find that a lot of innovation has gone into creating the things around you. Visualization and conceptualization are the heart and soul of an artist. Ideas come from the strangest of places. Some artists derive an idea from a walk in the park and some find their muse while looking at their kids practice on their balance bikes.

The world of art is extremely huge and if you look at it, everything from the big bang till date has been a perfect work of art. All great designs are a part of art and with the current generation wising up to the importance of good product designs, art is more clearly visible than ever before. If you take up any product around you, say a balance bike and dig into the history of the best balance bikes here, you would find that even these bikes have evolved into beautifully designed bikes today, which is a result of visualization and conceptualization.

Different forms of art have also evolved to generate better results. Photography has evolved into an art wherein capturing the finest details has become relatively simple and if you have a photographer’s eye, you can do wonders with your DSLR. Painters and writers have given this world a base to build on. It is from the great works of Picasso and Shakespeare that a lot of people device their inspiration and keep trying to do better.

There is design in everything around us and a good design stems out from a good thought. If you can think like an artist, you can not just do wonders on a canvas but can use your artistic abilities in fields like mathematics and physics as well. Creativity is an important ingredient of an artistic design and if you are a creative person there is no limit to the kind of success you can achieve in your field.

The world began with art and science and both these entities have always gone hand in hand with each other. Every new chapter in the history of our universe has connected art and science to each other. If you can tap your imagination to see beyond what you eyes make you see and then put your thoughts down on paper in whatever form you can, you are an artist at heart. If you are an artist by heart, make sure that you dedicate your life to art and only then would you be at peace with yourself.