Music to Sketch: Art

If you have a studio, you probably have everything that you need in order to make wonderful sketches. If you haven’t been sketching a lot lately in your studio, you lack inspiration or motivation. A very simple way to get into the zone and enjoy yourself as an artist is to plug your outdoor speakers and start playing some music. The genre of the music you listen would make a huge difference as well. Types of music can either give you an adrenaline rush or can depress you to the core. Choose your songs wisely, simply play them on your pair of the best outdoor speakers and start sketching. Music is a key aspect in the lives of artists and it helps in enhancing creativity and brings unique thoughts to you.

There was a time when I used to waste my time in the studio simply doing nothing and even staring at the walls. I had no inspiration and was much dejected by my very low productivity. It was then that I got myself to read and came to know the gorgeous science or art of music. The kind of change that music could bring to your creative part of the brain is phenomenal. There are certain genres of music that can take you into a different zone altogether. The three most prominent genres that can help you relax and think are – blues, ambient, jazz, classical and trance. Take out your outdoor bluetooth speaker, put on a comfortable volume and simply blend into the ambiance with the sounds of music. A little relaxation can help you do wonders on a paper.

Art Studio

Music has been related to a number of sketches as well. Some artists have painted or sketched some of the most beautiful pieces listening to Beethoven or Mozart. Music helps you keep your mind fresh. What music does to the soul and the mind can be defined by borrowing a couple of lines from Rudyard Kipling’s poem – If.

If you can think but not make thoughts your master

If you can dream but not make dreams your aim

Music lets you think without you begging for thoughts to come to you. Music helps you dream and bring that dream down on paper without having to bow down in front of your dreams. The funny bit is that a lot of musicians have found their muse or inspiration in sketches and paintings. After all, art of any form is still art and one artist has to complement the other. So simply start listening to your fellow artists on your pair of quality outdoor speakers and become the artist you have always been.